Concentrating on phosphite antioxidants for 30 years

CHPHOS® PDDP Phenyl diisodecyl phosphite

Product name CAS No.:25550-98-5
Molecular weight:438
Structural formula:
Quality index Appearance:Colorless Transparent Liquid
Refractive index(25℃):1.4770-1.4820
Package 180KG Drum
Application PVC、ABS、PU、PAM
Application Description An aromatic alkyl phosphite antioxidant suitable for various polymers, including polycarbonate, coatings, polyolefins, ABS, and PET fibers. It can provide good color improvement and thermal stability during processing and post processing. As an efficient auxiliary stabilizer and chelating agent, it can be used in hard or soft PVC materials to improve the brightness, uniformity, color and transparency of PVC materials, and improve the thermal stability of PVC. Suggested dosage: 0.1~2.0%

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